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"CHRYSALISTASIS" - curated by artist James Austin Murray.

"At the moment much of the world is on partial lockdown which has changed our world and culture profoundly. There is anxiety and fear and it's understandable. Yet we all move forward in this new reality. We don’t know how long this will last or what life will look like after this passes. We do know that it will one day end and things will be different. Like the transformation a caterpillar goes through before becoming a butterfly, we are waiting for the change to become concrete and clear. 

So what are artists creating in their studios? With exhibitions cancelled or just moved online, and no artist receptions planned any time soon, we continue to work. This exhibition is not about the COVID virus or social distancing, but it's a product of the changes brought on by these new circumstances. I reached out to 50 artists whom I admire to see what they were doing during these unique days. Many are located in the New York region, others hail from throughout the U.S. as well as far afield as India, Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, Germany and England. These are their works." - James Austin Murray.

Featured artists: Michel Alexis, Chris Arabadjis, George Bates, Louise Blyton, Valerie Brennan, Susan Carr, Gregory Coates, Jeffrey Collins, Paul Corio, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Alex Couwenberg, Matthew Dibble, Josiah Esowe, Laura Fayer, Lorrie Fredette, Kamiesha Garbadawala, James Gilbert, Jimi Gleason, James Gortner, Vainta Gupta, Jeanne Heifetz, Mark Hollis, Celia Johnson, Heather Jones, Lev Khesin, KX2, Yulina Lanina, James Little, David Lyle, Donald Martiny, Deane McGahan, James Austin Murray, Edie Nadelhaft, Barbara Nessm, Nuge, AJ Oishi, Christopher Parrott, Duane Paul, Cristina Popovici, Tamara Rafkin, Peter Reginato, Christopher Rico, Marina Rodrigues, Mareo Rodriguez, Bernice Sokol Kramer, Jeff Spindel, Nikki Terry, Amy Vensel, Tamar Zinn, Mark Zimmermann