Fahamu Pecou "M E M O RY" March 1 - March 31, 2018

ARTIST'S RECEPTION Thursday, March 1, 2018 (6-8pm)

“M E M O R Y” evidences a conscious, nonlinear step into all periods and styles of Blackness. It is a shift away from Western notions of Blackness towards a decidedly Black aesthetic envisioning a fresh perspective on Black identity past, present and future.  With “M E M O R Y,” Pecou depicts Blackness unbound - free from the confines and limitations informed by lingering misrepresentations of the Black body and prevailing misconceptions of racial inferiority, poverty and/or corruption.

Finding inspiration in vintage Pan-African magazines, Pecou’s latest series combines historic and current cultural motifs to draw us into in his reimagined world.  Pecou begins each work by dyeing raw canvas with indigo using traditional techniques. Indigo, once prized by spiritual leaders, royalty and traders throughout Africa, remains profoundly sacred. By beginning his canvases with indigo, Pecou pays homage to ancestral spirits while his subjects bring to mind the modern by way of contemporary poses and fashion.  Three of works also use diamond dust which calls into question the controversial and contentious diamond industry in Africa.